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Editorial Team


Director of Operations, Pro Bono: Karhrman Ziegenbein

Karhrman Ziegenbein has worked within the digital media field for 15 years. He was born and raised in Germany but moved to the USA in 2001, currently residing in Florida and New York. One of his greatest passions is digital media and his experience has empowered Toonari Post from the beginning. In his spare time, Karhrman enjoys yoga and traveling; he is a comic book enthusiast, likes dogs and movies, and enjoys good food, especially Thai.


Editor in Chief: Claudia Sondergaard

Claudia Sondergaard was born in Aalborg, Denmark. Well-travelled, since childhood, she continued her fascination with anything foreign throughout her education, first with a BA in English and International Studies at Aalborg University, and later an MA in International Affairs at the University of Exeter, UK. Following graduation in late 2010, she joined Toonari Post. Claudia is a major movie buff and an avid reader. She has a great interest in international affairs and societal phenomenons and enjoys exploring people’s opinions and world views.


Social Media Director: Francesca Biggio

Francesca Biggio was born and raised in Sardinia, the second largest island of Italy, where she now lives with a big Argentinian dog and a cat. She is a lover of languages, speaking four herself and holding a BA in Languages and Communications from the University of Cagliari. Francesca enjoys traveling, sometimes suffering from ‘island fever’ and is determined to make experience abroad. Her interest range from politics and history to culture and communication and working at Toonari Post has made her see a future in journalism and editorial work. Finally, she is a great cook of Southern Italian cuisine.


Senior Executive, Social Media: Maynor Guzman

Maynor Guzman is the youngest of three with a twin brother who is only 5 minutes older. His family traveled to NY from a small beautiful town named Panajachel in Guatemala, a town that Maynor has grown to love. He is passionate about music and has been playing bass guitar throughout his time in school. It has become a way for him let out his creativity. After graduating high school, he decided to venture into business and at Baruch University, this interest made him choose to pursue a career in marketing. In 2011, he joined the Toonari News & Media team, where he is expanding his expertise in online marketing.


Senior Executive, Marketing: Ximena Herrera

Ximena Herrera was born in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She studied advertising and public relations at the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain and later moved to Germany for an exchange year at Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz. She considers her time in Europe her most valued life experience. Through her travels, Ximena has had the chance to experience cultural phenomenon’s such as Las Fallas in Valencia and Pamplona’s San Fermines. She likes bike riding, and was a champion in high jump when she was younger. Ximena loves dancing and bringing positive vibes to the people around her.


Senior Columnist: Karen Northover

Karen Northover hails from London, England and now currently resides in the Orlando area of Florida. She is a graduate of UCF and USF with degrees in business and healthcare Administration, currently working on an MBA. Karen enjoys reading, going to movies and traveling, but her favorite past time is indulging in fine foods; she likes to experiment with food in her own kitchen and enjoys traditional dishes with a twist. Part of her passion for cuisine intertwines with traveling as she relishes the opportunity to immerse herself in local cultures and traditions. Moreover, she is and advocate for Alzheimer patients.


Senior Columnist: Dr. Ja A. Jahannes

Dr. Ja A. Jahannes is a writer of nonfiction and fiction, a psychologist, educator, and a social critic. He is a frequent columnist for numerous publications. His work has appeared in such diverse publications as the Journal of Ethnic Studies, Vital Speeches, the Journal of the National Medical Association, Ebony, the Black Scholar, Encore, Class, Black Issues in Higher Education and the Saturday Review. He was national chair of the Pan African Movement U.S. A. (PAMUSA) with Dr. John Henrik Clarke as co-chair in 1992 and 1993. Dr. Jahannes has lectured throughout the U. S., in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Europe.


Senior Columnist: Kiara Ashanti

Kiara Ashanti is a Central Florida based editor and  has written for Black Enterprise magazine, Active Trader magazine,, the, and numerous other websites. Kiara has also been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey, and Lynn Cullen radio show, speaking on political matters. He can be seen each week on the Urban America Today internet talk show discussing politics and economics.


Senior Columnist: Erin Chavez

Born in a small town, Portville, NY, Erin spent all of her childhood and early adulthood in Western New York before moving to St. Petersburg, FL. Erin has always enjoyed writing and had poems published in the local paper when she was in grade school. She obtained her bachelors of arts from St. Bonaventure University and went on to receive a Master’s Degree in mental health counseling. Erin worked for 10 years in nonprofit mental health center in Florida before moving back to Buffalo, NY. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and her husband, traveling, reading, yoga, and meditation.


Editor, Video Games: Calvin Li

Calvin Li is a native New Yorker, with one younger brother and a large extended family. His lifelong passions include video games, sketching and writing. Multi-faceted in his educational interests, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Military History exemplify his diverse academic interests. An avid snowboarder, he spends the winter months on the ski slopes while the warmer months are devoted to biking and jogging. An academic at heart, he’s collected a vast array of books and comics in his personal library. One of his goals is to travel more often and try new foods.


Editor, Music: Veronica Cinti

Born and raised in Italy, Veronica Cinti is part of a great family, including a horse. She has travelled a lot and taken all opportunities during her life to immerse herself in foreign cultures. She speaks five languages. She has a MSc in Economics and she is currently gaining a PhD in the field. As the majority of Italians, Veronica is mad about soccer. She loves books and fine arts; her greatest passion is music with a strong preference for Rock and Classical music. She writes songs and poetry and is learning to play the guitar, in addition to her piano skills. Her dream is to own a recording studio and a record label.


Editor, Literature: Jason Loch

Jason Loch currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. During a rather nomadic childhood, he grew fond of the east coast and plans to move back someday. He holds a BA in history from Wayne State University and an MA in early modern British history from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Despite originally coming to Madison for a PhD, he soon realized a career in academia was not for him; instead he aspires to work within publishing. Jason loves history, from English ecclesiastical to ancient Egyptian. He also likes to write historical fantasy and is an avid gamer. Another passion of his is languages, having studied Spanish, Latin, German, French, and Middle Egyptian.


Editor, Sports: Alex Shaw

Born and raised in Dover, England, Alex Shaw attended the University of Kent and graduated with a BSc in Psychology. An avid rugby player, he spends his time writing about the NFL and NBA for Toonari Post, as well as contributing columns to some of the most popular Rugby Union websites in the UK. He aspires to work full-time within the sports media industry and hopes one day to move across the pond to the States.


Editor, Green News: Tae-jun Kang

Tae-jun Kang was born in South Korea. He majored in Business Administration at Korea University. Prior to writing, he worked as a riot police officer in Korea for two years, which gave him an opportunity to focus on social issues in his country that he had been oblivious to before. This brought on his interest in the field of journalism. In 2011, he had the chance to intern at Voice of America Seoul News Center, and thanks to that experience, is now pursuing his goal of becoming an international journalist.


Editor, Travel: Sarah Dayan

Sarah Dayan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York as the only child to a Filipino mother and a Jewish-Egyptian father. Her passion for learning about new cultures has led her traveling through 25 countries as well as live in Turkey, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Sarah did her undergraduate studies at the University at Buffalo, followed by getting her masters degree at Brooklyn College. When she’s not busy writing for Toonari Post and packing a suitcase for her next trip, Sarah loves to write short stories, learn how to play the guitar, and daydream of moving to Hawaii.


Executive Content Manager: Alfred Sanniez

Alfred Nikoi Sanniez is from Ghana and though his last name doesn’t ring Ghanaian, his middle name stems from the Ga tribe. He is currently studying at the Regent University College of Science and Technology for a BA in Computer Science and prior to this he went to Accra Academy, “The School of No Regret,” which he found a great experience. Alfred’s expertise lies within computers and technology and he loves to explore new developments in the field. He has two sisters and speaks two local dialects apart from English and everyday French. He enjoys laughing and likes comedy above anything else.


Copy Editor: Dawnthea Price

Dawnthea is from Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she first gained a love of writing and copy editing. She is currently studying Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and began working for TP in June of 2011. After graduating, Dawnthea hopes to become a full-time copy editor for a daily publication near her hometown. In her spare time, Dawnthea enjoys playing video games and knitting.


Copy Editor: Katlyn Slough

Katlyn was born and raised New Jersey, where a love of books quickly grew into a love of writing. She studies Creative Writing and English at Rowan University, and plans to continue on to graduate school soon after. Katlyn loves to meet people and is planning to travel to learn more. So far, her travels haven’t taken her outside of the United States, but she is prepared to go farther and learn about new cultures. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music and go skiing.


Public Relations

Managing PR Specialist: Veronica Cinti

Born and raised in Italy, Veronica Cinti is part of a great family, including a horse. She has travelled a lot and taken all opportunities during her life to immerse herself in foreign cultures. She speaks five languages. She has a MSc in Economics and she is currently gaining a PhD in the field. As the majority of Italians, Veronica is mad about soccer. She loves books and fine arts; her greatest passion is music with a strong preference for Rock and Classical music. She writes songs and poetry and is learning to play the guitar, in addition to her piano skills. Her dream is to own a recording studio and a record label.


Business Development, Funding & Grants


VP, Operations and Member Services: Sherol Ziegenbein

Born in London, England Sherol moved to the United States at a young age where she lived in New Jersey and Florida. Sherol has always had a passion for writing as she began writing poetry at a young age. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Sherol went on to receive her Masters in Psychology from Argosy University. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, playing with her dogs, running and fitness.


VP, Business Development & Investor Relations: Brian Binder

Born in the Poconos, Brian Binder lived most of his life in eastern PA. He has always been a sports fanatic growing up watching the Philly and New York sports teams. Brian went to school with the dream of becoming a sports journalist covering the New York Yankees and after earning his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Point Park University, he moved to Tampa, Florida where he became interested in online media. Today, Brian resides in Harrison, NY where he spends time writing, rooting for the Yankees and Knicks and watching movies.


Director of Business Development: Madalina Cretu

Madalina Cretu grew up in a small town in Northern Romania, in a region called Moldova, famous for its traditional gastronomy and beautiful women. She discovered her passion for languages and her entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, which she cultivated during her studies at the Bucharest University of Economics, followed by a Business Master at Linköping University in Sweden. Madalina joined Toonari in October 2011 as a Management Trainee, with the desire to become a knowledgeable manager and a valued colleague. She can speak and write six languages, one of them being Spanish, which she learned from watching soap-operas.