Volunteering at Toonari Post

Toonari is the Japanese word for “distant roar” or “distant thunder.” At Toonari Post our mission is not only to report on news, cultures, and events around the world but also to train individuals in responsible journalism and the tools they will need to succeed in journalism, social media, and related fields. Our training will provide you with invaluable work experience and knowledge that will make you essential to employers. While volunteering at Toonari you will learn how to write effective articles, explore the world and the cultures within it, interview artists and politicians, receive training in search engine optimization and social media networking, and much, much more. Volunteering at Toonari Post is more than just writing articles; it is experiencing the world. We are leaving a positive impact on the world by being the voice of a global citizenry; join us and you can too.


Volunteering via the web

Not in Florida or can’t afford to travel? That’s still fine with Toonari! If you are unable to work at our location you can volunteer from home, school, work or wherever and still do it for credit. As a telecommuting volunteer you will still have the responsibilities of a volunteer at the office – writing articles, content curation, social networking, copying editing, and much more – but you will be doing it from your own computer. You will also be able to participate in trainings in the area of search engine optimization, research, social media, and marketing analysis. Joining our team, even at a distance, will provide you with vital skills in the area of journalism and new media. Specific details of times, duties, and duration of your voluntary service can be negotiated depending on your field of interest and your availability.