What We Do


Currently The Toonari Post is discovering and publishing developing news and events that are unknown to the public as well as reporting on daily headlines. We provide free online courses about digital journalism, online marketing, and international business on demand and offline for our volunteers and interns. These classes and trainings are also available to young, aspiring professionals worldwide.

We also give students and graduates real-world, on the job experience in the areas of journalism, new media, and other related fields. One of the best parts for our interns and volunteers is that the experience is convenient; the internship can be virtual and has no boundaries or limitations just because they are not in the office. We provide a free job placement program and guidance for our volunteers and interns.

We are also a worldwide organization that employs staff, volunteers, and interns that are based in underdeveloped and suppressed countries. By working in these areas we are feeding operating funds into these local communities through employment and education.